The War in Ukraine – Everyone Could Help. Volunteer centre “Palyanycia”, Zaporizhzhya

We are Palyanytсia, the largest volunteer centre in Zaporizhzhya. In addition to the main headquarters, our centre has offices in every district of the city. What we do: production of Checz hedgehogs, portable stoves, armor-carriers; production of bulletproof vests, unloading vests, plate carriers; preparation and installation of protective fortifications; supplying soldiers of the Armed Forces, territorial defense and National Guard in the Zaporizhzhya region with medicines and humanitarian aid, assistance to temporarily evacuated people; issues of evacuation of people from trouble areas; weaving of camouflage nets, sewing balaclavas, thermal underwear, sleeping bags, etc. for our defenders.

To continue to work efficiently, we need to replenish humanitarian aid stocks on an ongoing basis. So we ask for your help with the current needs:

  1. Food for children
  2. Medicine (especially insulin, tourniquet, painkillers, antishock, children medicine)
  3. Children diapers
  4. Hygiene (wet wipes, toothpastes, women hygiene)
  5. Ammunition (thermal goggles and scopes, tactical gloves, goggles, boots, multicam uniform, handheld transceivers, red dot sights, flashlights, tactical pouches, backpacks)
  6. Clothes (boots, underwear, thermo wear)
  7. Hiking mats and sleeping bags

All humanitarian cargos (food, medicine and medical equipment, children food and hygiene, adult hygiene, cloths, and military cargos) sent to Ukraine and delivered to the respective recipients in Zaporizhzhya in particular, are used as supplies for the citizens of the regions that suffered from the Russian aggression.

We guaranty full control and transparency for the funds distribution

This is to confirm that Sierykh Olga (+380957210700) is responsible for coordination of humanitarian aid that comes to the appropriate humanitarian HQ in Ukraine, in particular BO BF “Zaporizhzhya Volunteers Union” and Union of Zaporizhzhya volunteers “Palyanytsia”

If you have any questions or suggestions, please fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss further